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How To Play


When building with a mouse, use these controls:

Left Click: Add Voxel
Shift + Left Click: Remove Voxel
Right Click: Orbit the Camera
Shift + Right Click: Pan the Camera
Scroll Wheel: Zoom In/Out

When building on a touchscreen, use 1 finger to place and 2 fingers to move the camera.

About is voxel-based pictionary game on the web. The game plays like but with a 3D twist. You and your friends play rounds alternating between creating 3D art to a prompt (which is located at the top of the screen), and trying to guess what the other players are creating. If you want to play with strangers, just click the join a public room button. If you make something cool make sure to click the save image as PNG button and share it in the offical discord.


Created by Theo
Send suggestions (and compliments) to [email protected]
Additional Developent by
Iron and Spiralio
Copyright (c) 2021 Theo
Voxel painter built off of three.js interactive voxelpainter
some icons made by Freepik from


V.1.6.1 Mar 9, 2021

-This Game (and many other Fun IO games) are now featured on

V.1.6 Mar 8, 2021

-News Added
-About Added
-Updated Wordlist
-Known Bugs: Invisible Block

V.1.5 Mar 5, 2021

-Fixed a kick bug
-Block Footer Styling

V.1.4 Mar 4, 2021

-Added inactivity kick

V.1.3 Mar 3, 2021

-Style refresh,
Thanks to Iron and Spiralio

V.1.1.1 Feb 27, 2021

-Added ReadMe
-Updated Meta Tags
-Fixed Bugs

V.1.2 Feb 26, 2021

-Added Mobile/Touch Support
-Added Save Image Button

V.1.1 Feb 25, 2021

-Added a hint letter after 50 seconds
-Fixed Bugs

V.1 Feb 20, 2021

-Left Beta!!!!
-No more messing with Url!!!!

V.0.2 Feb 19, 2021

-First Playable update

V.0.1 Feb 18, 2021

-Brought three.js and together